Advantages of
electric vehicle

An electric car benefits the environment and you as a consumer by reducing your energy bill. Moreover, there are several reasons for investing in an electric automobile.

Advantages of using an electric vehicle:

1. Does not produce air pollution:

An electric vehicle does not pollute because it does not need fuel. These vehicles work as a result of the conversion of electricity into energy. A point very much in favour if we consider the big problems pollution is causing us these days.

For a vehicle to move, it must acquire energy from a source and, with the motor, transform it into kinetic energy. This causes the wheels to turn and the vehicle to accelerate. The CO2 emissions depend on the type of energy consumed. Therefore, we can distinguish between conventional, hybrid, and electric vehicles.

A conventional vehicle uses the energy stored in a fossil fuel released through the combustion in the interior of a traditional engine. These fossil fuels primarily derive from petroleum, i.e., gasoline and diesel, or biofuel.

CO2 emissions are produced by fuel burning and are expulsed through the muffler. The amount emitted, if we bear in mind only the vehicle type -not the driving style- depends on the amount of energy needed to move it and the motor’s efficiency. The energy required depends on the vehicle’s weight and its power. More power and weight mean more fuel consumption and more significant CO2 emissions.

The main reason for petroleum consumption today is human transportation, making it the leading source of CO2 emissions.

What is most troubling is that 30% of the emissions coming from our vehicles are greenhouse gasses.

Do you know what they are and their effect on the environment?

Greenhouse gasses exist naturally in the atmosphere and regulate the earth’s temperature, but an increase in these emissions provoke harmful consequences. Of all the greenhouse gasses that play a role in contributing to climate change, CO2 does so the most. This deadly gas comprises 80% of total emissions. Its primary source is burning fossil fuels such as petroleum, gas, and coal. Furthermore, greenhouse gasses are “long term”, meaning they remain active in the atmosphere for a long time.

2. Does not produce noise pollution

Pollution is not just atmospheric. Vehicles also cause noise pollution. The electric car is so silent that you cannot tell if it is on. In an electric vehicle, you can enjoy a conversation without having to raise your voice or listen to music at a regular volume.

3. Savings in Maintenance:

The motor maintenance cost generated by a diesel or gasoline-powered vehicle is relatively high. However, with an electric car, we can save money. This is because the electric motor is much more compact and reliable when compared to traditional motors. It is very unusual for an electric motor to fail. It has very few components. However, the conventional motor has many things that can go wrong (the cooling system, lubrication, etc.) and render the engine disabled, leaving us on foot. Furthermore, changing the engine on a traditional vehicle is expensive and generally not worth it.

4. More Space

Available space in an electric vehicle is superior to a traditional one due to the absence of a gearbox and a compact engine. Most of the space in an electric car is devoted to convenience. Thus, we end up with a compact vehicle, making it easier to find parking in the city while having more interior space.

5. More Efficiency

An electric vehicle is much more efficient than a traditional one. Its efficiency is approximately 90%, while a traditional car is 30%. In other words, an electric vehicle uses less energy to engage in the same effort.

Translated into money, we could say an electric car uses one Euro for every 100 km and a traditional one, 7 Euros for every 100 km. Imagine how much you could save with an electric vehicle.