Jamaica College Finishes First Place in the Evergo Secondary Schools’ E-Mobility Robotics Competition!

  • Winning coach, Jamaica College’s Paul Pounall (centre), proudly showcases the team’s 1st place trophy and the solar-powered robot car that finished strong at Evergo’s Secondary Schools’ E-Mobility Robotics Competition yesterday. To the right is Kingston College Robotics Coach, Mr. Fairclough, and to the left, Calabar’s Coach, Denneil Stewart. Kingston College and Calabar are the second and third place winners.

Kingston, Jamaica – November 25, 2021: Evergo Jamaica congratulates Jamaica College (JC), winners of its inaugural Secondary Schools’ E-Mobility Robotics Competition! JC received $125,000, a trophy, evergo gift packages for the participating students and coaches and individual plaques for the students.

The company also commends Kingston College and Calabar, who finished as the second and third place winners, copping cash prizes of $75,000 and $50,000, respectively, trophies and plaques. In addition, Tarrant High School received the sectional prizes for the ‘Most Engaged Coach’, York Castle for the ‘Most Engaged Student’, and Jamaica College for the ‘Fastest Finisher’. Evergo Jamaica awarded the sectional prize winners $10,000 each and a plaque. Unfortunately, the St. George’s College robotics team sent regrets yesterday, stating that they could not participate due to reasons beyond their control.

Scoreboard based on Aesthetics, Ergonomics, Signals, Completion (Route/Time) and Accuracy

Participating Schools Aesthetics/Ergonomics (15 points) Signals: L/R, Reverse, Honks (15 points) Completion & Accuracy (30 points) Shortest Time (40 points)
York Castle 5 5 10 10.76 (incomplete)
Rusea’s 5 4.5 10 10.42 (incomplete)
Jamaica College 10 15 25 20.56
Kingston College 5 12.5 27.5 17.35
Tarrant 5 10 7.5 32.19
Immaculate 12 7.5 7.5 9.20
Pembroke Hall 5 10 20 41.06
Enid Bennett 15 15 12.5 24.49
Calabar 5 15 22.5 30.25

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