Sustainable Mobility Arrives at the Nautical Club of Santo Domingo with Evergo

Boca Chica, Santo Domingo. In addition to offering a space for vacation and a family getaway, the Nautical Club of Santo Domingo inaugurates a new charging station for electric vehicle users, hand in hand with Evergo, the largest and most sophisticated network of electric charging stations in the Dominican Republic.

The initiative is part of the commitment of the Nautical Club with the Boca Chica environment, which in recent years has been developing actions in support of the protection of the environment, this being a space free of plastic, which has its own plant for treatment of wastewater, and that now joins efforts to promote, together with Evergo, a more sustainable mobility in this area.

The opening ceremony included the words of Mr. Juan Lehoux, Commodore of the Nautical Club of Santo Domingo, who indicated that “It is a great contribution to our philosophy and to the environmental commitment that we carry every day as a Club. For us it is a great satisfaction to contribute to the expansion of electric charging stations in the Boca Chica area and to do so with Evergo”.

For his part, Wellington Reyes, Commercial and Innovation Director of InterEnergy Systems Dominicana, the company that operates Evergo, stated “We are very happy to continue adding allies who share our vision of accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility in the Dominican Republic. On this occasion, we are honored to have the support of the Nautical Club of Santo Domingo, which undoubtedly represents a strategic point where both tourists and Dominicans choose to vacation and spend quality time with relatives”.

The recently inaugurated station represents a key step to contribute to the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG), especially SDG 7, on affordable and clean energy; SDG 11, on sustainable cities and communities; SDG 12, on responsible consumption and production; and SDG 13, on climate action; while it promotes the adoption of electric vehicles and places the country as a benchmark for mobility and sustainable tourism in the region.

Like all Evergo stations, the user will be able to operate the load under a self-service model and make transactions through the Evergo App, available on the App Store and Google Play. Members and visitors of the Nautical Club will count with two Level 2 and 3 chargers, known as “semi-fast” and “super-fast”, respectively, allowing a total charge between 30 minutes and 3.5 hours, depending on the vehicle.

About Evergo

Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charger platform in the country. Its mission is to create a network that allows to reach any point in the country, in a sustainable and reliable way, moving us towards a more responsible future with the environment. The operation of these charging stations is under a self-service model, through an application available in the App Store and Google Play, in which the users can consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, reserve, pay to through a virtual wallet and start charging. An ecosystem that maximizes the user experience, with the purpose of facilitating and promoting a more sustainable mobility.

It is a brand of InterEnergy Systems Dominicana, a pioneer in the implementation of electric vehicle charging infrastructure in the Dominican Republic, as well as high-efficiency thermal power stations, smart electrical grids for smart cities, development of software and technological solutions, and its target market is Latin America and the Caribbean.

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