The Evergo app is available in the Apple and Google Play stores, enabling persons to consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, reserve, and pay through a virtual wallet before charging.

Registered drivers can log in to the app to view their charging station, top up their account balance, find a nearby charging station, email the support team.

App features include:

  • Real-time charger availability status
  • Opportunity to charge your vehicle with an RFID or from the virtual wallet
  • See cargo prices
  • Real-time occupation
  • Flexible payment options
  • Filter (AC or DC charger, availability, etc.)
  • Reservations and a waiting list
  • Specific notes on charger location
  • View upload history
  • Disconnect alerts
  • Billing and accounting
  • 24/7 support

Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station platform in the country. Our mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want in a sustainable and reliable way, while we move towards a more responsible future with the environment.

Get the App

Get the App

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