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When you stop at an Evergo charging station, look for the yellow CCS1 label or the green CHAdeMO label. The maximum power level available is displayed directly below the connectors and go from 50kW up to 350kW. Evergo chargers automatically provide the quickest charge your vehicle can manage if your electric vehicle cannot charge to the maximum power level. When connected, the charger screen or the Evergo mobile app will tell you everything you need to know to charge your car.

The duration of the charge does not only depend on the power of the charging point, but also on the capacity of the vehicle’s battery (which will not normally be charged from scratch) and on the maximum charging power allowed by the vehicle.

Evergo charging stations offer CCS1 and CHAdeMO connectors, meaning that almost all the electric models on the road today can charge with us.

Discover the typology of the charging points that exist.

Level 2


Current type: Single-phase alternating current.
Charge duration (*): Between 3-4 hours, depending on the power of the charging point.
Charging power: Charge at standard power from 7 kW to 7.5 kW.

Level 3


Current type: Continuous.
Charge duration (*): Less than 1h up to 80% of the battery.
Charging power: Charging at high power (50kW) in direct current.

    (*) Estimated times for charging vehicles with a 40 kWh capacity battery.

    Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station platform in the country. Our mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want in a sustainable and reliable way, while we move towards a more responsible future with the environment.

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