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  1. This tool is an electronic platform through which the requestor will be able to remotely subscribe to a contract for enabling the recharge of electric vehicles. The requestor will also be able to carry out tasks related to such request, such as completion of forms, loading of documents or reception of updates (hereinafter referred to as “The Request Platform”).
  2. The use of the Request Platform supposes the acceptance of the current terms and conditions of use (hereinafter referred to as the “T & C”)
  3. The company will reserve the right of review and modify the T & C.
  4. All the material included in the Request Platform is deemed to be the company’s intellectual property. Because of this reason, the requestor will not be allowed to reproduce, distribute, sell, dispose of or any other way, utilize such material.
  5. The company does not guarantee the functioning or functionality of the Request Platform, and for that reason, the company reserves the right to carry out the corrections/reparations which it deems necessary. The company takes actions for the protection of the requestor’s information and devices; also actions to avoid intrusions from third parties, but the requestor acknowledges that the use of the Request Platform is at the risk of the requestor, and as a result the requestor does not hold the company liable of any negligence, third parties invasions, information leaks, malfunction ,third party interference or any other reason
  6. The information provided by the Request Platform is confidential, so if you are not the recipient, you must (1) refrain from using it and (ii) report such irregular situation to the company’s contact center as soon as possible. The requestor guarantees the veracity of the information provided to Interenergy Systems Dominicana through the Request Platform and acknowledges that, in case of providing non truthful information, Interenergy Systems Dominicana will have the right to stop the contracting process or to cancel any other subscribed contract. For that reason, Interenergy Systems Dominicana is exempt from any liability.
  7. The company, its shareholders, directors, employees and any other affiliated or subsidiary company, will not be held liable for any direct or indirect amages which result from the use of the Request Platform.
  8. The requestor shall hold the company, shareholders, directors, employees and any other affiliated company harmless for any damage caused by violation of the T&C or the inappropriate use of the Request Platform
  9. For cases not provided in the T&C, the parties agree to govern according to the laws of the common right and, particularly, to what is provided by the Civil Code of the Dominican Republic.
  10. For any additional information, please contact our customer service phone number: +1 (809) 469 5050.
  11. By email: [email protected].
  12. Or by mail, to the following address:
 Av. Bulevar 1ro. de noviembre, esquina Cedro No. 501, 
Torre Universal, local 202, 
Punta Cana 23 000, Provincia La Altagracia
, Dominican Republic

Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station platform in the country. Our mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want in a sustainable and reliable way, while we move towards a more responsible future with the environment.

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