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Evergo begins installation of 200 electric car charging stations with 100% renewable energy throughout Panama

December 31, 2020
  • The company plans to install the first 200 electric car charging stations by December 2021, following a successful experience in other countries in the region.
  • Evergo has a goal of installing a total of 500 electric charging stations in Panama in the coming years.
    La instalación ha iniciado en los supermercados Riba Smith.
  • The facility has started at Riba Smith supermarkets. They are available for use in the charging stations of the branches of Costa del Este, Bella Vista, Transístmica and Brisas del Golf.

Panama, December 2020. – Evergo, a technology platform that is part of InterEnergy Group’s portfolio, and which has become the most sophisticated and clean network of electric charging stations in the region, initiated the installation of two hundred charging stations for electric mobility throughout the national territory, to offer the current and potential electric vehicle user the confidence to reach their destination from anywhere in the country.

The first four charging stations for Evergo electric vehicles in Panama have been installed in the Riba Smith supermarkets in Costa del Este, Bella Vista, Transístmica and Brisas del Golf. These stations correspond to two types of models: level 2 and level 3. The latter, known as ‘super-fast’ or ‘fastcharger’, revolutionizes the electric mobility sector allowing the full charge of a vehicle, depending on the model, in less than an hour.

One of the main milestones of the Evergo charger network in Panama is that it will be powered by 100% renewable energy, so it has been dubbed “Ruta al Sol”, the largest network of chargers in the country, which connects at least every 100 km of your journey driven by sun, wind and water.

“Electric mobility is an engine of economic development for Panama and the region, as well as being the way forward in the fight to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. By 2021 Evergo will continue with its plan to expand electricity mobility, contributing as a source of impetus to the goals proposed in the National Electric Mobility Strategy approved by the National Government in October 2019, and approaching the fulfillment of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of which we are signatories”, highlighted Monica Lupiañez, Director of Renewable Energy and Country Manager of InterEnergy Panama.

“At Riba Smith we have a great commitment to our customers, so we always seek to offer them alternatives that are useful to them and that are aligned with our sustainability goals. This partnership with Evergo is part of our commitment to implementing solutions that are positive for the country and the planet”, said Rodrigo Riba, General Manager of Riba Smith.

The Evergo upload model is through self-service using the app available for both Android and iOS, from which the user can consult the nearest charging station, plan their route, book, pay and start charging. Users will be able to be part of the first international interconnection network of electric charger affiliates, which provides the possibility to use the application in markets such as the United States, on all third-party networks certified in the Open Charge Alliance (OCA), affiliated with the Evergo platform.

InterEnergy Group is the first company in Latin America to under sign The Climate Group’s #EV100 initiative, a global initiative that brings together visionary companies around the world committed to accelerating the transition to electric vehicles and making electric transportation the new standard by 2030. In Panama, InterEnergy Group has more than two years developing Renewable Energy Supply (SER) initiatives, supplying 100% renewable energy through the largest wind farm in Central America and the Caribbean, UEP II of 215MW, and the 40 MW Ikakos Solar Park, with a nominal power of 40 megawatts (MW).

About InterEnergy Group
InterEnergy Group is a private equity group formed in 2011, whose Chairman and CEO is Rolando González Bunster.  The group operates power generation plants in Latin America and the Caribbean, specifically in the Dominican Republic, Panama, Jamaica and Chile.  InterEnergy leads the transformation of Panama’s energy sector with the Laudato Si wind farm, the largest in Central America and the Caribbean, with a capacity of 215 MW and the Ikakos Solar Park with 40 MW of nominal capacity, using natural resources as a source to supply 100% renewable energy.

Contact: Ximena Angulo |
[email protected] | +507 6619-7881

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Evergo is the most advanced and sophisticated electric vehicle charging station platform in the country. Our mission is to create a network that allows you to get where you want in a sustainable and reliable way, while we move towards a more responsible future with the environment.

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